Rentals and Supplies in Port Colborne

People always prefer comfortable, safe and secure moving rental services which will meet all the expectations without any doubt. At the time of moving, one big question arises in the minds of most people, “how much to rent a storage unit” ?

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Moving Rentals & Supplies

Affordable Port Colborne Self Storage provides accessory services to make your end-to-end experience simple and smooth, at an economical price. Read more below or give us a call today to learn more!

Moving Supplies

Our moving supplies, checklists, guides, and tips will ensure your safety at every step. Supplies include: Boxes
Mattress Bags
Couch Covers
Furniture Handles

Local moving service

Before conducting moving services, we provide consulting to ensure proper planning. Moving experts discuss the steps for a successful move, including advice on what should be stored and what may be suitable for alternative uses.

Office moving service

Moving your office? We can help! Our trusted and loyal movers help to transport all your necessary office furniture, fixtures, and supplies to your new office. Our trucks are safe, secure, and our staff are quick to move your goods as needed.
Port Colborne Self Storage offers flexible transportation services for moving office goods. Online signup is available 24/7.

Inventory Optimization

Does your store or business hold inventory? How much? Most businesses have much more than they need, and sometimes not enough to meet their goals. Inventory optimization allows you to balance the needs of your business with the capital needs of its owner. Our efficient team successfully tracks the entire supply chain of suppliers and clients and gives appropriate management solutions by verifying real-time data.

Warehouse Efficiency

Is your warehouse cluttered? Does it take hours to pick, pack and ship your orders? Are your shelves or orders filled with location errors? We are warehousing experts that can develop best practices for your business and implement them collaboratively to optimize your business.

Junk Removal

Before storing, take stock of what will be required again, and which items should simply be disposed. We will clear out your goods same day or next day and dispose them efficiently with no hassle to you. Our junk removal team specializes in decluttering and cleaning to give you more space!

Estate Clearing

If you’ve lost a loved one, or simply need a declutter, give us a call. We will work with you to determine which items can be stored, sold, or disposed. We can also provide minor home repairs to maximize the value of the home before it goes to the market. Recognizing this is often an emotional process, we will work at the pace you set, so the job fits your needs and timelines.

Our digitally monitored security system is active all the time in 24 hours and 7 days without any interruption. To provide extra protection to our clients, we have inventory system with the features of coding system.

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